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Grief recovery Specialist-Denise Polote Kelly

Certified Grief 

Recovery Specialist

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Denise Polote - Kelly

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

There is Hope after loss...I have experienced grief in many forms, and it was my personal struggles, pains, sorrows, and sadness that lead me to my passion of helping  and assisting people. I would like to share my journey with you about Death, Divorce, Ended Relationships, Health issues and Career changes just to name a few.  

God Loaned Me An Angel was my journey through grief.  Writing this book was my way of releasing some of the pain. I now speak all over the country about that same pain helping me to serve others that are consumed by loss. Recovery is an individual choice.  Becoming certified as a Recovery Specialist and Life Coach I now coach others on how to move past their grief.


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