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Choosing Life After Loss

People say you have to let go and move on in your life, but they don’t tell you what you need to do to accomplish that. The Grief Recovery Method® Outreach Program not only makes that possible but provides partnerships and guidance to ensure that it happens.

I am Denise Polote Kelly, a victor over loss, grief, and depression. Having suffered from many different forms of loss:




I was able to move beyond the loss and I would like to personally invite you out to join us for the Choosing Life After Loss Conference.

We will be moving beyond.


The Grief Recovery Method®

Grief and Loss Support

The Action Program for Moving Beyond Death, Divorce, and Other Losses


#1 & Multi-Best Selling Author  | Transformational Speaker | Encourager | Entrepreneur|

 Health and Grief Recovery Specialist


Indie Author Legacy Award – Finalist

NAACP – Featured at National Convention Authors Pavilion

I Am a Trailblazer Award 

Christian Literary Award 


Featured in Huffington Post, Savannah Tribune & Herald, WTOC/WSAV TV, E93 FM and Power Play Radio

SVA Flash Magazine, Queens Magazine, Tribute Magazine



  • Author/Co-Author
    • Shift Happens ~ Bruised But Not Broken

    • God Loaned Me An Angel ~ A Journey Through Grief ***

    • Soul Source~ Forgiveness Gave Me The Power to Live & Love

    • His Grace Is Sufficient ~ My Faith, His Grace

    • Souled Out ~ Vulnerable In The Storm


    • My Pain Has Purpose "After This"

    • Soulful Affirmations

    • Beneath the Surface

    • Widow to Warrior



Denise is a dynamic speaker that captures her audience with her transparency and gift of relatability that draws people in.  She is authentic in sharing her life as an example of how you can be victorious and triumph through obstacles to live the life God has planned for you.  Her message is received and her audience is left with tools to use on their individual journey called life.


Denise’s passion is to see people walk in total freedom and her message is one that empowers people to challenge where they are emotional, physically and mentally.  She also encourages people to desire to live transformed and turn the corner so they can move forward.



Denise’s speaks with confidence sharing a  message of hope and living life after loss.  She has a unique way of including her audience so they feel involved. She is known for making women feel they have been her friend for years. Denise uses her gift of encourager and speaking to bring out the best in everyone she meets.  She is the author of “God Loaned Me An Angel” a journey through grief.  Denise has also co-authored in Shift Happens, Soul Source, His Grace Is Sufficient and Souled Out.

 Denise is scheduled to release other books along with Bereavement Etiquette and Grief Recovery material.

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